Find out what our financial professionals and happy clients have to say about the team
"CMS offers a fantastic mediation service. I proactively recommend their services to my clients & friends. CMS have always exceeded my expectations and has consistently gone above and beyond what you would expect. They have a manner about them that is friendly, calm and compassionate yet he they are assertiveness necessary to mediate with the financial institutions. One of my clients referred to them as 'miracle workers!' "
Adam Cocks, Director, Grace Finance
"Credit Mediation Services is a value add to those people I come across who are going through financial hardship, and by reducing their credit card debt to a more manageable level, my clients have been able to get out of the increasing debt cycle they were in. I would have no hesitation in recommending Laurence Hugo to anybody who is in need of financial advice and assistance."
Graeme Inglis, Smartline Finance
"Dennis and I want to thank you, for working on our behalf to pay Credit Cards that after a decade of payments we were unable to pay out. Circumstances beyond our control left us unable to continue payments,we had given up hope and thought we would lose our home,no one it seemed could help us,until someone gave us your name, Laurence Hugo for Credit Mediation Services.This company worked free of charge and enabled us thru Laurence's mediation the ability to pay these cards out.Dennis and I thank you for giving back to us a feeling of security that we will be able to stay in our home of 22 years,as pensioners this means everything to us,for the first time in many years Dennis and I can have a Happy Christmas. God Bless you Laurence for your wonderful work."
Patti and Dennis Price
"Thank Goodness I found CMS! After speaking with Lawrence Hugo at length, I was convinced he genuinely cared, was truly dedicated to helping people in financial difficulty, and that his extensive experience in both debt mediation and debt collecting enabled him to handle his client's affairs with absolute competence. I was not to be disappointed!"
Daniel Salinger, Moonie Ponds VIC
“So glad we found you guys, you performed a sterling job, thanks for all your help.”
Robert Angelopoulos, Footscray VIC
“I was struggling as a single mum for years, I could pay my debts but no quality of life with my son. Within a few weeks, Donna and Laurence we’re able to reduce my debts by 60%. Now Max and I can eat out and go to the movies without any concerns”
Yvonne Slater, Elizabeth SA
"In my experience, CMS was totally Trustworthy, flawlessly Competent, Ethical and Genuine: Qualities that are exceptionally rare in business today. Customer Service is trite by comparison. I cannot recommend CMS highly enough. They helped save my life plus $$$$$$ to boot!"
Veronica Kruger, Woody Point QLD
“Credit Mediation saved us over $60,000, my wife and I felt like a heavy weight was lifted and gave us hope to look forward and take control. It made a massive difference to our lives. Thank you to the staff and God bless."
Dennis & Leanne Cartwright, Sydney, NSW
"My accountant suggested to use Credit Mediation for debt mediation as you helped many of his clients in the past. I'm so glad I did, you managed to save me over $40,000.00 on my credit cards and all within weeks of calling you. Thanks so much for all your help, your debt negotiators did a sterling job"
Jasmine DeLucas, Brisbane QLD
Laurence and his team saved me close to $184,000 in credit card loans, even while I am writing this, I can’t believe I am finally free from this debt. I cannot thank the team enough for what they did for me.”
Arjun Dalal, Joondalup WA
“I had to pinch myself, was I dreaming? Credit Mediation Service did not deliver what they promised, they over delivered! I never thought I’d be ever out of debt, now I’m debt free. Thanks guys!”

Steph Lam, Mt Colah NSW
"CMS was amazing. They reduced my credit card debt from $20,000 debt to $8,000 in a matter of days. Our bank was going to take me to court until CMS intervened and got a better figure for me. Now I am debt free and stress free!"
Mandy Howe, Westmead NSW
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