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Few business can run without trade creditors and if your business is suffering a downturn in trade those creditors will mount and there will be a greater demand on your already decreased income. There are a number of debt solutions available if you owe money through your business.

Business debt mediation is very different to Consumer debt negotiations in that business debt mediation is not governed by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP) hardship laws. However good debt negotiators can still negotiate exceptional savings for you.

Negotiating debt solutions in Australia can cover the wide variety of trade debts:

  • The Australian Tax Office.
  • Overdrafts
  • Business debts
  • Business bank loans
  • Trade creditors (plumbers, trades people etc) costs
  • Lawyers & Accountants and other professional fees

We Deliver Professional Debt Solutions That Suit Your Business' Needs

  • Negotiate a lowered payment arrangement
  • Reduce or write off trade & tax debt
  • Holding of legal action brought against you

Unlike the insolvency process, mediation will offer you a number of advantages:

  • You retain your personal & business assets.
  • Trade creditors can be 'cherry picked' for settlement or in other words you can negotiate with some trade creditors and leave out other trade creditors to develop future relationships with.
  • You will be free to continue to trade while your trade creditors agree to a discounted settlement.

Business debt mediation offers you the best choice if you are encountering a cash flow crisis while retaining your business trade, assets & reputation for the future.

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