Bank and Credit Card debt

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Its Simple, you hand us your bills and we'll cut them by 1/2 within 3 weeks!

Credit card debt negotiation is when you employ a professional negotiator for the purpose of debt reduction of your balance within days or weeks. A debt negotiator may reduce a $50,000.00 credit card to $10,000.00 within a couple of weeks.

4 steps to achieve debt relief:

1. You contact us and we have a conversation to assess what debt relief you need, we’ll provide an approximate debt reduction amount to you on the first conversation

2. We send you a short debt solutions pack for you to complete and return

3. We assess the documents for debt assistance and have a further discussion with you on the action plan for the credit card debt settlement

4. We begin debt negotiations and have your debts dramatically reduced within two or three weeks


Negotiations won't impact your Equifax Report 


Recent case sample of our work:

An unemployed single mother came to us owing $54,000 to three major banks, she had one autistic child which required full-time care and another child with learning difficulties at school. She needed credit card debt help urgently as her husband had left her and her bills were mounting. Based on her long-term inability to pay we negotiated with the three banks to reduce her $54,000 down to $6,000 settlement.


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