We assist companies and individuals experiencing financial setbacks by providing a tailored approach with your creditors for a workable exit strategy from your debts. In essence, our job is to waive as much debt for qualified clients as possible, relieving you of burdensome debt.

In 2001 we pioneered the Debt Negotiation industry as we know it today, laying down basic principles such as ethics, honesty, bank relationship development and pioneering new negotiation techniques.

In time, we established our Pro-Bono service where we provide the full force of our debt waiver service for consumers suffering from a debilitating or terminal illness.

In the 20 years we have been operating in the banking sector, Credit Mediation Service Pty Ltd have been influential in the banks changing policy direction over how debts are collected.

Credit Mediation Services Pty Ltd are well respected throughout the Financial Industry, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Accountants, Insolvency Experts and Financial Counsellors across Australia trust us with their clients for assistance.

We are accredited Financial Services Licence holders, as such, we take accountability very seriously. If you have any concerns about our service or conduct, the following options for resolution are available:

Our Team
Laurence is a highly experienced Negotiator with three decades of banking and debt management experience. Laurence has worked with major banking brands such as Citigroup, Commonwealth Bank, Deutsche Bank and Westpac to name a few.

In 2004 he pioneered the Debt Negotiation industry as we know it today. Since then he has overlapped Debt Negotiations with organisations in the Mortgage, Accounting and Financial Planning sphere’s, changing the product delivery model for the benefit of the end user -the consumer.

Adding to Laurence’s skill set is 15 years’ experience with Sydney Lifeline, first as a crisis counsellor then training new counsellors on mental health, suicide intervention and counselling skills. He has also spent 5 years working with the Homeless youth of Sydney through Wesley Mission Street Smart program.
Laurence Hugo Director, 32 years banking experience
Donna brings with her 35 years banking experience, successfully mastering executive roles with Westpac Business Services, Strategic Marketing, Network Engagement, and Consumer Services. Donna’s banking experience is a rare find and she utilises her extensive skills in the complex negotiation process within the financial sector. Donna is highly skilled at connecting bank decision makers with consumers for a desired and favourable outcome for our clients.
Donna Smith Negotiator, 35 years’ banking experience
Lisa’s has extensive experience in Business and Relationship development, with a particular emphasis on client service delivery models and seeking optimal client satisfaction in service outcomes. Lisa career with Credit Mediation Service continues in this theme, she overseas development on relationship satisfaction with all business partners to ensure our end user, the client, receives the best possible outcomes.
Lisa Savage Senior Relationship Manager, 20 years’ business experience
Brian’s background with Westpac, NAB and CBA is well utilised in assisting our consumer and business partners through the negotiation process. He is able to draw on his experience in consumer banking relations that helps guide our consumer clients through some of the most difficult experience in their life, financial hardship.
Brian Rea Relationship Manager, 11 years banking experience